Anonymous asked:

Vai Brokastis ir ēdienreize, kas tiek ieturēta no rīta vai arī pirmā ēdienreize pēc pamošanās, neatkarīgi no tā, kādā diennakts laikā tas atgadās?


Brokastis ir pirmais, ko mēs ēdam neatkarīgi kurā laikā. ;—-)


gangsterdoodles asked:

i like brussel sprouts.


Thanks for liking them! :—-)

My submission for Kuš! comics competition last year! Theme was Brussels Sprouts.

Ok, so in last couple of weeks, i painted 11 new acrylic pictures. They mostly were landscapes, cityscapes. With help from the museum people, we put together an excibition. Both mine and grandfathers paintings now can be seen at Museum of Regional Studies and Art of Bauska (till 26th of February).

So, last year, i set a goal. Idea was to post each day one ink drawing. From October 24th - December 31st. Almost every day i did it. Cool. This year i have something special planned. Hope it works out.

Thanks for liking, sharing my posts.


"Jungle", ink

(heavy breathing)

Almost finished illustration inspired by natural history museum. (These are stuffed animals, text goes like: Hmm; Poke Poke; Alive?; Ah - aaah; Dead!; Poke Poke; Ohh)